Saturday, May 24, 2003


Complaint department

Okay, I am officially complaining. I am in a pissed off mood today and therefore feel like spreading it around.

Complaint#1 Why is it that I seem to have all the computer geeks reading my blog? Isn't there anyone else out there? Any women? any hot, single men? Almost all the email I get could actually be written by the same damn person, that's how similar it is. Scary. I tend to get the homely, geeky, single and just waiting to jerk off...or just freshly jerked off.

Complaint#2 Women are complete and total bitches. I fucking hate this one bitch so much that I would like to punch her in the throat. Bitch.

Complaint#3 I am not a sex goddess. I realize I have said this before, but it obviously bears saying again. Do not add me to your Messenger contact list and then expect me to "beg to suck your cock". I am a normal fucking person, not a prostitute.

Complaint#4 Why can't my patients just stop fucking dying? I am tired of being rung through the "pondering the meaning of life" wringer. I am tired of hearing people cry out for help, of calling out for their mother's. I am tired of holding their hands as they die. I am just fucking stressed out and wondering whether I made a mistake of monumental proportions when choosing a career.

Complaint#5 Why do I hate cleaning so damn much? I need a fucking maid to clean up after me. One of those kinky french maids or maybe a naked guy maid. Hmm.... See Her Squirt

Okay...I'm done now. This mood swing has been brought to you by "Estrogen, in conjuction with Kaii, the maniacal, fickle, tempestuous inamorata.

Here's a pic, sent in by a reader. Her cunt lips look kind of fucked. Comments?


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